LuRane- A Woman of Strength

In February 2018, while teaching in one of the villages in Indonesia, I met a young lady named LuRane who is 22 years old. She was on fire for the Lord, yet while at Bible College, on another island, one day in class, fell down in pain. After that moment, LuRane has been unable to walk. When she checked with the doctors, they told her they were unsure of the cause. This ailment could be the onset of muscular dystrophy or something entirely different, but the reality is that she can no longer walk. She sits daily in her house, where she has to scoot around to get anywhere without assistance from family. She has a twin sister who is helping as she can, but is gone during the day working at the oil company to make money for the two of them. Despite all of this, she is using her situation to show her faithfulness to the Lord to those she speaks with. The strength of the young woman, despite her circumstances, standing strong in her faith should encourage us all. Please pray for LuRane, that the Lord would heal her leg so that she can be a testament to the power of our Savior Jesus Christ.

Steve Wood