New Chief, New Heart

During our July 2019 trip to Matipwili, we planned to go and prepare a garden and to fence in this area to keep the animals out. The goal for the garden is to provide nutritious vegetables for the community as well as a surplus in which they’re able to sell and in turn create sustainability for the ministry there. One day after working for some time, we looked out from the church and saw the youth with one of the pastors praying over the new Maasai chief who is in charge of a very large area of Masai young men ages from 14 to 30.

After this encounter, we learned that the youth with the help of the pastor had been sharing the truth of the gospel with him. After their conversation, he agreed to begin to let his “wives" and children come to church. He let them also know that he would begin to seek understanding to determine if he would begin to follow Jesus and that he would talk more with them the next day.

The next day after some time working, the youth and the pastor went to search for the Maasai chief Peter. They went to his home, but he wasn’t there. They were told to seek him at his mother's house who was sick. So they then journeyed there. Again, he wasn’t there, but they were able to pour into the mother, also cousins, aunts and uncles. They told them that they would send Peter to them in the village.

On the way back to the village, they came across Peter, who followed them back. They spent another two hours talking about the gospel and Jesus. Some of Peter’s questions were very tough. If I follow Jesus… what do I do with my three wives? Now that I am chief, what do I do if they reject me because I follow Jesus? How can God forgive me, I am a practicing witch doctor, who has killed men, and harmed others? Through careful love and speaking truth, they navigated these questions with the help of one of the workers and Pastor Jamie from Morning Star Church. At the end of the conversation, he agreed at the least to come to church on Sunday.

As we had already arrived home Saturday night, Jamie asked me if I had checked my messages. I had not. He asked me to view it. All praise to God, when I looked at my messages, I learned and saw pictures that are before you, that not only Sunday did Peter accept Jesus as Lord, but all of the relatives who these young men and women touched on their journey to find Peter. We have an amazing God, who planned this before we ever set foot on the ground. I pray that this story will bless and encourage you to speak with those who you meet today and tomorrow and next week about the truth of a loving savior who is looking to set you free.

Steve Wood