One Body United

After being in Tanzania for almost two weeks now, I have learned so much. I have learned a lot about myself and Tanzanian culture but the best thing I've learned is how God uses all that to work through his people. When first arriving, I was very hesitant as to if I would get along with the Tanzanian students, but to my surprise quite the opposite has happened. God has shown me how He works through His people even when there is such a big language barrier. God's language of love transcends all the cultural differences. Everything we do looks slightly different: the way we eat, the clothes we wear, even the way we worship. But through all these differences it is opening my eyes more and more to the love Jesus has for us and the reality of how important following Him is.
During outreach we came across a man named John, who has struggled with finding the way his whole life, but immediately after he saw us, he said, "If Americans come all the way to Africa for something they believe in then maybe there is something actually to it." That spark of hope made me feel so at peace, knowing that God used me simply by my presence.
God works in mysterious ways but one thing I know is He will use you no matter where you are if you are willing. No matter the struggle, everyone needs love and so despite our challenges with language barriers and cultural differences, He calls us to be one body united in Christ and right now I am reaping the fruits that comes with standing in that unity.

Jake Howard

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